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Flower Therapy

I am so grateful and lucky to have been presented with numerous opportunities to work with my favourite way to spend time.

Flowers are therapeutic, whether you are arranging, buying or simply admiring them in all their beauty, they make you feel good!

My love of flowers started at a very young age, My Mother bought me a bouquet for my 10th Birthday and I remember feeling emotionally moved, because that is the power they have, they bring with them, thoughts, feelings and emotions, bringing together the person giving and the lucky person receiving and connecting the two.

This is the main reason I adore doing what I do, I love seeing the reactions of the Bride on the morning of her Wedding, when she first sets eyes on her carefully chosen and planned bouquet.

My Niece turned 21 last Summer and I could not let the day pass without creating a personal Flower Design to mark this day. She enjoyed the flowers and gave me a reaction similar to my Brides and triggering that emotional bond that I felt on my 10th Birthday.

If you are having a tough time or just a case of some bad Monday Morning blues, a good start is to get yourself a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers to enjoy with a cup of tea, some cake and a good read. You should never underestimate the beautiful therapeutic qualities that flowers bring with them, it's the simple things that make a difference.

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