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Wedding Planning ~ Tell me what you're thinking!

This Easter, I had the pleasure of working with two couples who had planned to tie the knot over the Easter Weekend. It was a busy few days but I enjoyed (as always) being a part of someones big day! At around 6 to 9 months before, I spent time with the Brides at Flower meetings, discussing all things Floral and all things Wedding! It is this part of the process where inspiration and ideas are born and jotted down. Also a good excuse to jot down the notes accompanied by tea, cake, flicking through Bridal magazines and Pinterest!

I adore flowers and Weddings, I love my job! I believe that the flowers are a big part of your big day, I have favourite flowers, favourite colours and favourite Seasons but find myself a little overwhelmed when it seems I need to start planning my own Wedding, I don't know what colour scheme to go for or what look or what dress style I will end up with! With just over 12 months to go, I am sure I will start making some decisions, pinning my loves on Pinterest is really helping!

I usually first meet with couples looking to tie the knot when I exhibit at local Wedding fairs and that is where our planning and working together begins. I understand fully how overwhelming it is to make big day decisions but you can trust that I can help you through with tea, cake and flower talk! I think a good starting block is to set the date, therefore knowing what Season you will be working towards. Then, maybe a process of elimination of flowers/colours that really do not do it for you. Suddenly, you find yourself visualising what you would like your bouquet to look like.

I offer a bespoke Florist service just for you, I work to cater towards your Wedding Flower needs and cost, I hope to tailor make a Flower Design service to suit you and our meetings prior to the big day are perfect for ironing out any worries or changes you would like to make.

If you are recently engaged and do not know where to start!! then hop down to some Wedding fairs for some inspiration, I look forward to seeing you there!